Modular Kitchen Service

Modular kitchen

Modular Kitchen Service

Modular kitchen, in simple terms, is a space efficient arrangement of kitchen wares and appliances that with its units/ fixtures, reduces time and space spent on keeping the kitchen spic and span. With cabinets below the countertops and above accessorized with specialized fittings (motorized or otherwise) for storing cutlery, containers, bins, groceries (and everything you will need in a kitchen)you can have a clutter free, sleek and airy kitchen space, irrelevant of the size.

The parts, materials used and style are highly customized and are assembled according to the available space and design of the kitchen. Any part, if needed, are repaired or replaced easily without disturbing the entire setting.

Below given are the major types

1. Single walled Modular Kitchen

In this model, the entire kitchen is set on one wall/side i.e, sink, hob, countertops, appliances. The space below and above are used for storage. This is ideal for small or narrow kitchen (that are more long than wide)

2. L shaped Modular Kitchen

This is proved to be the most space efficient type of modular kitchen. The counters are aligned at right angle, giving plenty of space for storage.

3. U or C Shaped Modular Kitchen

This type of kitchen needs more floor space as the counter runs along 3 sides of the room, making a C or U shape. Design experts suggest to go for this type only if you can have 8 to 9 feet space between the two opposite counters so as to give sufficient room ( of 4 feet) for working on all the 3 sides.

4. Parallel Modular Kitchen

The counters run parallel to each other with the cooking, storage functions distributed between the sides. This again, needs at least 4 feet of space between the two sides to work conveniently on both of them

5. Open Space Modular Kitchen

If you have lavished space for kitchen, this is the one to go with. Island kitchens, in addition to any of the above settings have an island counter that can be turned into a work, cook or dining space. The kitchen is more open and flexible to your needs and often blurs the line between a kitchen and a living space. The only concern is that if you wish to have the hob on the island, you will be needing an underground gas pipe to make the space look seamless.

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